Instant loss of engine power 2017 GTX S 155

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50 hours. No alarms. Nothing in the pump. I was running top end nicely when all of a sudden the engine loses power. It would idle and jerk but I did get back to land. I would not describe it as limp mode. Too uncoordinated engine firing. The only thing I found when checking the battery terminals were not sufficiently tight. Retightened, charged and then disconnected the battery for 30 minutes to reset the computer. No difference in performance. Long way from a dealer. Any help appreciated.
Always try changing plugs, although this seems too severe.
Any codes ?
Is fuel fresh ? Sounds like a possible fuel issue.
Thank you kindly for a direction. I'll try gas first, by getting a new fuel filter and change out the gas. I do use regular gas and conditioner. Will let you know once it warms up enough to tackle it again.
Dear BGS - the new plugs and new fuel did the trick. I understand these spark plugs are quite partcular. I really appreciate your advice.