iBR Questions/Engaging Noise?

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Hello all!

I just took my brand new 2012 Sea-Doo GTI SE 130 out on the water today and ran it through all of the features. The Brake works great and so does neutral. But when i tap the throttle to get out of neutral to start moving forward, as the bucket moves from the Neutral to Forward position, I can hear a "going into gear" kinda noise. Like a "grrrrttt" noise, and then the craft starts moving forward. The bucket doesn't make this noise at any other position.

Just wondering if anyone else's iBR system does this....
Mine makes a sound, but it seems normal engaging noise to me. Instead of dumping the bucket, it's raising it up when I assume uses some sort of motor/mechanical device.
I would get it checked out, don't want to get stuck on the water, mine makes almost no noise at all, only time I hear it is when I'm out of water flushing it.
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