Help!!! Best way to get water out of engine

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I have a Seadoo fishpro the carbon seal fail when I was twenty miles from shore. I had to get towed in and didn’t have a way to clamp the hose so seawater got in my engine and my cylinders. I’ve cleared all the water out of my cylinders and got it to run.. I know I have to run it and change the oil several times.

And here’s the question
Do I run a water through the system during this process?
If your talking about attaching a water hose to the flush port to cool the exhaust system while your running the engine the answer is yes. You might want to get hold of a service manual for your particular ski. There is a maintenance sequence of events that needs to happen in the “water flooded engine” section of the manual before you start the engine. Also there will be no mention of changing the oil several times.
Don’t know your warranty situation but your carbon seal failure is definitely a premature failure and probably worth filing a claim with BRP to get your ski fixed right. If you do pursue that route and somebody asks you how fast you were going when you towed the ski back to port you might want to check your owners manual before answering.
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