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Gtx rfi 98 starting problem


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Gtx rfi 98
Hi all,

Im Hans from Holland so my englisch is not perfect but think you wil understand me (hope)

I have a 98 gtx rfi with a problem that looks to a bad contact somewere but i cant find it.

When i am starting one time nothing is wrong only a low fuel light with a full tank. But running fine, then it shut off and i dont got a fuel pump going on and also no spark. But the engine is trying to start.

Because the fuel and the ignition shutting down i think the mpem is doing it and telling the engine to stop.

I thought hitten the mpem connectors was the way to get it back one time but now not anymore. I checked all the pins on connection and corrosion. But i need a help to start looking for the problem.

Is it possible that a low fuel sign let stop the engine?

Hope to here something so i can be on the lake again soon

Thank you all

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