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I am working on my 2000 gsx rfi 787 getting it ready to take out. Since I just purchased this ski last summer, I am trying to clean everything. I opened the airbox to check and found the flame arrestor to be free of any rust. Does the flame arrestor act as an air cleaner as well? Do I need to take it off and clean it to ensure good air flow? If so, what type of cleaner would you suggest.
It’s really just a flame arrestor stainless screen. There’s no dust or dirt out on the water so it isn’t an air cleaner per say.
Ok, I'll leave it alone. I also wanted to replace the small oil hoses. You had mentioned that I should use 3/35" hoses. I found hose with a 3 /32" inside diameter. Will that work as well?
That makes sense! I also pulled my rave valves for a cleaning. I don't know if the po ever did but I found a sticky mess. Not much hardened carbon, just sticky goo. I have always used full synthetic oil since I owned the ski. Bellows and o rings were still supple. While I had the valves out, I looked down the opening to check the condition of the piston. The pto end looked fine but I found scoring on the mag end. the tops of the piston did not show any large pitting, but my view was limited. After I reassembled everything, I did a compression check. Both cylinders had 150 pounds each, which really surprised me. The mag cylinder has been fouling the plug so I figured the cylinder was worn. The engine has 128 hours on it and starts and runs very well. Should I be concerned about the scoring? Any ideas on how it could have happened?
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