Full Restoration 1997 Speedster

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So, I picked this Speedster up for under 2k and decided to give it a makeover. Took me about 3 weeks from start to finish. All in all, I'm in about $2600 and it runs like a champ. For the paint, I used Brightside Interlux. For the Upholstery I used 4 way stretch marine vinyl. Added a system with a JL marine Bluetooth receiver and Rockford amp. Ran Blue Submersible LED lights throughout the interior. Added full set of Hydro turf mats, some Seadoo graphics and she looks like new boat.

For the dreaded seat installations, I used heavy duty velcro along with Plastic car molding fasteners. Seems to hold up pretty well. I always trailer with a cover on to avoid losing any seats.


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the boat looks amazing! great color change! i assume you have 2600 invested in the restoration and not 600?

I restored one too, with a slight color change to the seats and mats. my gel coat was in good shape, so i just buffed it. i probably have about 2k invested in everything i did.

i would suggest adding a single trim tab to the back of the transom. you can search my screen name and "trim tab" to find my how-to installation. in fact, i have the leftover one from my set that i would sell.
Just seen this message. I have about 3200 invested in the whole boat. That includes purchase price too. I find it funny you mentioned the Trim tab because I just ordered one yesterday. The boat runs like its new but will plane a lot better when that tab is installed. Thanks for the compliments, I have received many offers on the boat but wont part with it. Its a gem. ;)
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