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Hello experts

I have to replace my fuel pump after realizing it isn’t working well. It is functional at the moment but I don’t trust that to stay the same. Fully tested that it was the problem though. Now the question is - where could I get anOEM Part for it. My boat is 2001 185 utopia with the 200 HP EFI engine. Original is over $400.


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I replaced both the fuel lift pump and the low pressure fuel pump on my 2001 Utopia 185 200HP since the boat would bog down at high throttle.... worked like a charm. see attached pic

1. low pressure fuel pump ( hangs vertically starboard side) : Automotive Authority LLC Electric Fuel Pump for Mercury & Mariner Outboards 855843 2, 8M0047624

2. Fuel lift fuel pump ( sits horizontal ) , comes with fuel filter

3. there is another high pressure fuel pump in the vapor separator which I did **not** replace ;
Automotive Authority LLC Fuel Pump for Mercury Optimax 75 80 90 115 125HP DFI Fuel Pump 2003-15 888725T02, 888725T1, 888725T 1

other help:
www perfprotech com mercury-marine-parts-catalog umodel 23316
Thank you, Karent_Utopia! I was able to find the faulty part in my case, the low pressure fuel pump and it does work great! Only challenge was to secure it tight because it is skinnier than the original.

I did not replace the lift pump, however I maybe should have. Ever since I owned the boat I had rare occasions of bogging down at acceleration, especially at startup or after long idle.

Appreciate the feedback
The lift pump is easy to replace.

if failing, the lift pump cannot lift enough fuel to supply the needs of the engine and stalling will occur at high speeds. Comes with the small brass inline filter as well.
good luck !
Thanks. I am not sure if I have an issue with it or not. one in ten times it will happen that upon acceleration there will be a bog down but other times just fine. I had the boat for 6-7 years now so probably wouldn't mind now as we get near the time to sell it.
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