Flywheel for a 1994 gtx

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Hey everyone, so im trying to put my 94 seadoo gtx back together and im now realizing that i dont have a great way to put the flywheel back on. I had it removed by a guy near me for a new bottom end but now can i just do it myself or do i need the special seadoo tool to get it back on.
Make sure the crank end is rust and grease free as well as the inner taper of the flywheel. You don't need a special tool to put one on, just make sure it's seated even, has the lock washer and nut torqued to 81 FT LBS.
Some people pull the head, put a block of wood in the cylinder and bolt the head back on.

I have always used a good sized pipe wrench on the pto flywheel, just use gradual pressure and no sharp hits.

Make sure the woodruff key is in place before you put the flywheel on.
Remove flywheel side spark plug. Spin engine to top dead center. Back off tdc a quarter rotation so that when you soon the engine back over it will be traveling back to tdc. Once you figure that out, get some cloth clothesline. Cut off about 5 feet. Push that thru the spark plug hole till you can't fit anymore, obviously leave some out so you can remove it. Turn engine over so that you force the rope between the top of the piston and the cylinder head. Tighten said flywheel but to spec. Back off tdc, remove rope. Amie your work and say, that was easy.
In the end of the crank shaft there is a slot milled into it that holds a little piece of half round metal that also slides into the groove cut in the inner taper of the flywheel to lock the two together so the shaft doesn't spin insude the flywheel.
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