Engine died while cruising at 20 knots

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I have an '07 RXT 215. I was cruising across the lake at about 20 knots, then it sputtered like it was running out of fuel (the tank is almost full), and died. I waited for 5 minutes and tried to start it again. It fired a couple of times while holding the start button, but then stopped making any effort to run. I tried it again the following day, and it made no effort to start. The starter turns the engine over, and there are no unusual noises...it just doesn't start.

I don't have any dash-indicator lights on.

While I was cruising, the ignition systems beeping sound would start randomly, and it beeped for several seconds. Then it would stop beeping. I thought it was because the contact wasn't solid, so I tried a second key fob (or key, or whatever it's called) with the same result, pressing it onto the ignition contact the best I could. I don't know if this is related to the engine problem or not, but it is new behavior.

Before I start hacking, does anyone have suggestions for a starting point?