Engien Oil Through Super Charger


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Hello Guys & Gals, i hope everybody is well...

I recently bought a 2105 RXP-X 260 RS from a pal, unfortunately 18 months or so back a hose clip failed cooking the motor. The motor has been totaly rebuilt, head skimmed, oversized bores, bearings, pistons and so on. Now I have an issue with the throttle body and IBR intermittently playing up too! While replacing the throttle body I noticed a creamy oil build up in the pipe! I believe this oil is coming the SC? I've pulled the pipe from SC to Intercooler and this also has some clean oil in it. My question... when the motor overheated could this have caused damage to the oil seals in the SC causing the leak I now have? On my last run the ski started making a vibration that increased with engine rpm, would a bad SC bearing cause a vibration?

Also just tonight I have fitted the new throttle body, conected the battery, fired it up & no IBR fault. Has anybody had throttle body problems causing an IBR malfunction? The ski has had a new battery hoping the IBR fault was low voltage bit that made no improvement... sometimes the IBR works others it flashes on the dash and has no response.

Thanks guys
Hey, pal. I joined the forum just to answer your question(among other things but I had to register to chat) just in case you haven't gotten to the bottom of it. Do you have a crankcase oil catcher? If not, the oil goes thru the hose and dumps it into the intercooler mouth(this was 2 years ago and I'm no expert, I'm more than likely getting the name of the piece wrong) all nimbly bimbly(as you can see) and from there it keeps on going down the line. Mine had 5 hours on the clock when I installed mine and there was already a little bit in there. After maybe 15 20 hours total it has picked up a good bit, maybe 4-6oz? Getting ready to dewinterize today and saw your post. Hope that helps! Deuces