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Ok, i have an rxdi that was sank in the ocean. I have rebuilt it as far as pistons,crank,stator, ,starter and a heavy duty rectifier. I am now getting a blinking red light and maint on the screen. It will run fine for a little while and then it will kick down to 4500 rpms and go into safe mode. Shut it off and fire it back up and it will run as normal for another five minutes or so and the same precess over again. So I’m thinking I have salt in my wiring or in my mpem. Just asking for ideas of where to start or what they would do from here? Thanks in advance
With it going into limp mode it could be quite a few things and the only real way to know is to check the trouble Codes.

The only way to do that is to take it to a dealer that’s willing to still work on the 2-strokes or buy yourself a Candoo Pro scanner. And owning a DI the CandooPro is a lifesaver.

Without knowing the code you are spinning your wheels.
Hmmmm.... should be some information on which conditions will cause limp mode. Then eliminate them one by one.
Check your grounds. You have a point on the wiring.... water gets in there and it's trouble but you can check resistance at the plugs where it goes into the ECU. How is your temperature sensor? What is your Air pump pressure and fuel pressure? Did you service the injectors?
im sorry I forgot to also state that I did take it to a mechanic that has a candoo. And he said there were no codes. But y’all did give me some ideas to check. The mechanic was thinking it was down the wiring or the mpem. But stated that since it was a di that he wasn’t going to keep replacing stuff at my expense to find out what it is.
I would check and clean every electrical connection especially at the MPEM. Saltwater can cause headaches on the connections.
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