Difference between 6810-737 and 6810-730 RV Cover?

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I ordered a new RV cover from SBT and I'm pretty sure they shipped me the wrong one. The one I removed from the Sea-Doo has 737 stamped in it and the one they shipped me says 730. They look identical to me, what is the difference?

I took some measurements with my digital caliper and the mating surface is .030" shorter on the 730, but I imagine it has been cut in a machine shop.


Is there a possibility that this 730 cover has somehow been cut to 737 specifications? Either SBT boxed it wrong or I am supposed to just ignore the original stamping in the cover
To update,

I am going to bolt it up and check the clearance. The bolt pattern on the covers is identical, the only difference I can tell is that one is stamped 737 and one is stamped 730. I will bolt it up, check clearance with solder, and report back....I suspect that it is going to be fine.

At a bit of a crossroads here.

The new cover is worse than the old one?? When I put solder in the RV cavity and bolt the cover up (without O-Ring) I get a compressed thickness of .040"

The old cover gives me .038. The thickness of the rotary valve is about .022-.023, which gives me either .016 or .015 with the old cover, or .017-.018 with the new cover........

both of them are out of spec per the manuals targeted .012" +/- .002.

What the hell should I do? Call SBT and ask what the hell? Is there really a difference between a 730 and 737 cover?

I took measurements of the flanged ears that the bolts go through, and the new cover has definitely been cut around .030," at least on the mounting flange. It is difficult to measure the actual rotary valve cover surface.

My whole reason for buying a new cover was that i suspected the excessive clearance was contributing to my hard to restart when hot. I have to hold the ski wide open while cranking and then it will fire up. I have confirmed that my N/S were not leaking, so not sure where to go from here.

Am I missing something or is there an error in my ways of testing?



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