Cheap idea for all jet boat owners

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I live by the sea and I leave my boat in the water all summer, May thru December. I used to owne a boat with outboard motor so after using my boat I would raise the engine using the power tilte and trim option. This summer I purchased a Sea Doo Challenger 2000 jet boat with Mercury 240EFI, then my trouble started. After leaving the boat in the water for 2 weaks I found too many weads and sea shells on the jet pump and it was almost imposible to remove while in the water. Searching online the only solution was an altrasound system that cost at least $600 not to mention the cost for the solar power supply. So I created my own solution which cost almost nothing. It does not require any power supply, mechincal or electric installation. Belive it or not, all you need is

1. an old large bed sheet or shower curtain

2. Qty (3) wooden stick or broom stick

3. Thin rope or strap

I call it Boat dipper, I used the above components to make one and tried it for a month now, the result was great. No more sea shells on the jet pump or all of the covered sector. I made this to cover only the bottom of the back end of the boat including the jut pump (see photo.) Since cleaning the hull of the boat is easy, the only problem I had was with the jet pump, not to mention the fact that I was worried about sea shells forming inside the jet, speed sender and cooling inlet.


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