Cannot Find Covers That FIT 1996, 1999 GTS. Why Not?

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Last year I bought a couple used SeaDoo GTS, or so say the graphics. one is a 1996 and the other is a 1999. There is no indication of whether these machines are 2 or 3 seaters. They are old, needed a little work and came at what I thought was a pretty good deal. I've got the machines running well and the trailer repaired. Now comes protection.
I am in need of covers and am not finding anything that fits. I have been through three SealSkins, one "" which turned out to be another SealSkin, an Overton's Covermate, and now, a, which is, again Seal Skin. Nothing is fitting. Nothing.
I have listened to useless sales agents, used the select cover tools and NONE of them have provided a product that even comes close to fitting.
This means that I have been through six (6) covers with four (4) vendors and they all FAIL. Not one of them comes close. I'd even settle for useless mirror pockets if the basic cover would fit.
I am completely disgusted with the process, the sales peoples' lack of knowledge, the useless tools, the industries' advertisements.
What is the deal with everything available with nothing fitting? SeaDoo? C'mon. How do I really know what machines I have? How do I find someone who has a product?
Thank you for listening.
I bought one a few months ago for my 98 GTX (three seater) that is really good and it was pretty cheap. I bought it off eBay for $40.

Sea Doo Seadoo Bombardier PWC GT,GTS GTX,GTI Jet Ski Tailerable Cover Black.

It is of good quality and I have trailered it with it on for a 4 hr drive, twice. It fits well but not like a glove. It isn't 100% waterproof but I only had about an inch of water at the front of the foot well after spending the winter outside in Ga. I am happy with it. Only used for this winter season so I am not sure if it will fade over time, Right now it looks as good as the day I bought it.
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Poppy Company Covers has come through!!!

The 5th vendor, the 7th cover, and IT FITS. It fits like it is supposed to. It fits over the handle bars. It fits over the nose. It fits over the rear seat grab handle. It fits over and grabs the stern. It even has the reinforced access to the rear tow hook. Side mirror pockets are extraneous but at this point, I don't care, I'll just tuck them in. $50 more in price, I don't care. IT FITS! Color? I don't care. It fits. Logo, free advertising? HELL YES! It fits! And you can tell from my attitude, I am not a fan of misleading advertising.

Material, venting, elastic, contour, totally unbelievable! Guarantee those schlocks at SealSkin, Overton's and CoverMate won't ever get it. Their excuse is "they have so many orders they are bound to make errors". Incredibly, that's their defense. Paraphrased, they KNOW they are shipping junk. One single address, 6 errors. Anyone with some mathematical background will know this is pure statistical BS. I feel bad for the Customer Service employees at SealSkin. I'm sure they are good people. It really is too bad. Overton's even has the guts to charge a restocking fee after THEIR TOOLS and THEIR Customer Service Reps fail.

Poppy Company is the place to go for SeaDoo. Terri knows what she's talking about, the details that make each model unique, the details not covered by those sick, misleading, disgusting, crappy "pick-a-cover tools". Don't fall for it. Don't use them.

I've been screwed over so many times I couldn't open the box for 2 days. My kids saw me cry.
When I did try the cover, it was like a religious experience. I stood in the driveway yelling Holy "you know", Holy "you know"! My neighbors' flood lights went on, neighborhood dogs started barking. I got a cake and balloons and we all celebrated.

I want to hug this cover. I want to sleep with this cover.

DaddyLoafin, Thank you for the realistic, WINNING recommendation. You are a CHAMPION. You are a person of integrity.
Thank you.
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Outer Armor or "Commercial Sewing" used to make the factory covers for my 96 GTX. They still fit right!