Burnt Part.What is it?

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Hello all! Need some knowledge please. I went out yesterday, came back home ok but was smelling something burnt. I went into the engine compartment and sniffed around and found this part burnt.

What is it?
Should I just replace both?
What would cause that?

I didn't recognize any symptoms coming home.

They can fail due to age but also could be other issues. I will let one of the guru's here tell you more.
IMO .... I would do both since your right there.
Agreeing with Poppie.

One thing that kills regulators is a battery that is hard or impossible to charge. These bad batteries are like a dead short across the regulators.

Disconnect the yellow wires on dead regulator. These are from the stator coils.
Also disconnect also the red wires. Start the engine. Check voltage at battery. Should be about 12.8-13.4 volts. If it is lower, you may have a bad battery. Have it checked.
Ok will check batteries. I have 2 batteries with blue sea switch. Now that you mentioned that, the house battery has been going dead on occasion and I had to charge it up. I was thinking the relay on the switch might have become defective. Now I’m starting to see why it may not have been charging


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