Broken bilge pump clip rivets 1997 gtx

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Hi all,

The rivets that hold the bailer/bilge pump down near the driveshaft have broken.

I attempted to drill out the part of the rivet that is stuck in the hull but it seemed that my bit was not hitting metal so I stopped, fearing that I would cause a problem. Last thing I want is an unnecessary hole that leaks water into the hull.

I tried to jb weld them in but it didn't hold. Pulled up some of the glass from the hull with the spring clips, so the glue worked but the hull peeled.

Anyone else have this happen?
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The best way to deal with it is going to be carefully drilling out the rivet then putting a new rivet in.

You could also try some marine epoxy its a little more rubbier than JB weld and can resist the repeated impacts better.

I used the loctite brand to hold my after market bilge pump down to the hull and it hasn't let go on me yet
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