boarding step installation sea doo gtx 1996

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Hello All,

Finally I finished to rebuild my GTX 787 from 1996. Now I need to install a rear boarding step on it and I have the spare part from a newer but equivalent model (2001 951 GTX). I will need support to know where to screw it? Anybody have instructions or the dimension where to screw it?

Thanks for supporting as i am afraid to do it wrong!
Yes thanks but is there any reference or dimensions of where to do the holes with the drill? or any instruction of how to proceed?
Retrofitting a newer part onto an older ski that wasn't necessarily made for that part is going to require YOUR very careful planning and inspecting to do it right. I doubt you will find any published instructions about HOW to do it specifically onto a 1996 body.

Make sure the mounting brackets are not cocked off at some weird angles on the '96 hull with the step bar attached, otherwise you may need to create some "shimming" materials to get everything to lay flat and tight to the hull.

You have the part so hold the mounting brackets to the rear of the ski and eyeball the placement on the interior side of the hull to make sure you aren't going to be drilling into or through anything and you have access to the interior....THEN once you are VERY confident that your placement is correct and you have no interferences......drill very tiny holes through the hull, one at a time to absolutely verify you are good to go, then drill larger holes as necessary until you get to the size you need. Personally, I'd bolt that ( I wouldn't trust screws to do the job...just my the last thing I'd want is the step to break off in the water and rip holes in my hull) thing on there with the largest Stainless Steel bolts that work with the mounting brackets and silicone the crap out of those holes while assembling. On the inside of the hull I'd use SS fender washers or a spanning bar across the bolts....MORE bearing area is better IMHO.
thanks for the info. Yes i am not really confident and i will need to have some references of where to drill. The boarding step is plug and play with my hull but where to drill? any pictures or lenghts or references?

Thanks again
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