Battery mounting issues

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So the season is fast approaching and I'm hopefully finishing up my 97 SPX project this week. Yesterday I went to go start the 99 GTX LTD and was reminded of an annoying problem I've had with both skis since owning them. The new style AGM batteries that they have do not fit in the original battery tray area, the straps are far too large for the smaller battery size, and the battery leads always seem to come loose or fall off while riding.

Anyone have a good solution for helping the smaller size batteries fit better? For the leads, I've tried using spring washers and tightening it down with a wrench just about as hard as I can without stripping them. They still like to come loose and pop off while riding. Any tricks to keep them tight? Loctite maybe?

I've had this problem on both the 97 SPX and the 99 GTX LTD for as long as I've owned them. I figured I can't be the only one
As for fitment...... Twist the strap a few times. But, the AGM batteries come with a spacer. That's not just packing filler. I've never had a battery screw come loose in so my years of riding. Maybe someone will chime in on that.
Interesting.... the batteries are from the previous owner, he must have thrown out the spacer. What are they made out of, like styrofoam or something? Maybe I can make something with some leftover packing from other things
Old tech wins out here.

A short section of 2x4 wins out every time. Just throw it on top of the battery, strap it down, tighten the cables and go.

If the battery isn't held in tight then having it flop around will work the cable connections loose.
If the battery isn't held in tight then having it flop around will work the cable connections loose.
I did sort of suspect that was part of the issue.

Last season I used a short length of PVC pipe on top of the battery to get the strap tight, but it always fell out. I considered using a 2x4 or something but I didn't like the idea of having something so... combustible... in there. I guess that's probably a little bit irrational though, I'll give it a shot this season and see if it works out any better than the PVC did.
If the 2x4 catches on fire you have much bigger problems going on.

I have the same batteries in my machines and have always used a section of 2x4 because it stretches the straps a little tighter and holds the battery firmly in place. Plus when the wood gets wet it doesn't slide very easily and helps hold things in place.
I refuse to use a spacer. Just twist it and be done. The original spacers with the agm are cheap ass plastic. I jump some pretty good size waves in the ocean and have never had an issue with the twist. But, if you don't feel safe use plastic or wood I guess
I just bought a new battery for my '96 GTX this past weekend.....I looked up the proper battery size on the chart in the store and put it in the was too short and the strap wouldn't hold it tight. I didn't really notice at first that the plastic cover OVER the battery is in fact a height riser that goes UNDER the battery. It fit perfectly inside the ski and the battery sits on top of that spacer and the strap now holds it tight....who knew and WHO actually READS the instructions....:rolleyes:
My battery came in a cardboard box packed in Styrofoam. I took this styrofoam and cut it into the shape of the tray to shim the battery up. Put the foam underneath the battery and then the strap will be tight. It looks cleaner than strapping something to the top of the battery.
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