Anyone lost a part under the engine?


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Hey all. I have a 2020 GTR 230 and was going to hook up a batter tender while it sits for the next couple weeks before I take it out for the first time. I go to unscrew the batter and BOOM- Screw and Nut immediately are gone. I'm sure this his happened to others before. It's extremely frustrating. I'd love to get them out but I have no clue how. Is it something I should worry about? How do I go about getting them out? Thank you!!!
If they are regular battery screws just use a magnet.
Every used ski I have purchased had at least a couple battery bolts in the bottom.
Yes, very frustrating because you can't really see anything down in there (you could try a mirror and a flashlight to peek around) a magnet is the way to go. I have a really strong magnet on the end of an extendable wand and it has an articulating head so it can be positioned any way you want....mechanics use them to fish out bolts dropped into tight spots, etc.....I can't remember where I got it from...Harbor Freight, AutoZone should have something.

You can also get a flexible claw retriever with a light on the end....might work with a mirror.

Otherwise....forget it, its just a battery bolt...put in a new one. I've dropped nuts and bolts inside a ski never to be seen again, then like magic they show up next season [sometimes] after getting jostled around and working their way to the back of the ski....USED skis are usually a treasure trove of lost junk too ;)
Thank you all very much. I was a nervous wreck about it. I went to the dealer and got some new screws and I'm just gonna move on with life! Appreciate the responses. Can't wait to take them out!
Standard rules for a dropped bolt.

1 - Buy a new one and put it in.

2 - Take the DOO for a ride.

3 - After the ride take the seat off, reach into the back of the hull and pick up bolt.

4 - Put bolt on the shelf and keep it for the next time you drop a bolt.

5 - Repeat steps 1-4 every time you work on a DOO.

Three "for sures" in life. Death, Taxes, All lost bolts end up near the back end soon enough.