99 Speedster starboard engine 3k RPM limit

Today I took my new to me Speedster out on the water and everything started out great. Turned the boat off and enjoyed the beach for awhile. My friend wanted a ride so we turned her on and starboard engine was bogging down barely keeping idle. Eventually it would get up to 3k rpm and more throttle would make it bog down. After trying to push it for a couple of minutes it kicked into life out of nowhere hitting 7k rpms full throttle. Third time starting the boat... Could not get the engine over 3k. Limped home to try and figure it out.
I'm pretty sure I figured out my issue was my starboard choke was stuck on. I'm going to work on it more tomorrow but when the choke cable is pulled in and out the "throttle body" flap is stuck closed. Just wanted to add item #55 on things to check when your engine is stuck on 3k RPM, cheers!
Just an update for anyone reading. Sure enough I got the stuck choke flap to swing free again, and the engine runs like a dream. I only created this thread so that people having an engine stuck at low rpms know that a stuck choke flap could be the culprit.