99 GTX LTD runs fine than starts stalling after 30 minutes of riding

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Ok I’m in need of some help! I have a 99 GTX limited fires right up and runs great for about a half hour or so then It looses power and will only do about 30mph then at idol it will stall. When I first start it it will idol fine at around 1200 to 1500 rpms but after riding for a bit it idols down to 850 rpms and stalls. Where do I start?
Have you tried to crack the fuel filler cap? It sounds like you could have a clogged vent line in the fuel tank...
I cleaned out the fuel filter and ran with no issues for a couple of days. Checked it again it was clean. Could it be The fuel lines?
The fuel strainer I-ring is known to go bad and suck air when they get older.
I cracked the fuel cap and ski was still stalling. Checked the plugs and they were fouled pretty bad so I installed new plugs yesterday and boom Ski ran great until this afternoon started stalling at idol again. Checked plugs they were fouled again. Put roughly 2.5 hours since changing plugs. Any ideas what could be fouling plugs
Fouling plugs like that could be carb problems, an oil pump out of adjustment, or low compression. Or any combination thereof... Check the oil pump adjustment first, then compression test it with a gauge that didn’t come from Harbor Freight. If both of those check out, you need to dig into the carbs and rebuild...
Ok thanks! I'll check the oil pump adjustment but will need to get a different compression tester because the one I have is from harbor freight and you are correct it is a pos. I will update when complete with those steps. Thanks for the education!!
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