98 Spx rave rebuilt and still leaking

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I rebuilt the rave valves before the season and one is still leaking. Does this mean I need a new housing?


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Looks like the red adjustment screw has melted a bit. Are you sure the bellow has no holes in it? And the plastic piston is not damaged? There is also a small oring that dries out and goes hard. I really don't think the metal housing would need to be changed.
Yeah it’s been like that sense I bought it. It still turns and the cap doesn’t look warped but it could be. I did new bellows and o rings on both.
I thought I remember reading somewhere that over time the housing can wear down and the hole for the shaft on the valve can oval.
The housing does wear but I'd look other places first.. Did you put a spring on the bottom of the bellowsn (lots of people don''t) ? I've put o-rings on them to help the bottom of the bellows seal tighter. That's probably what's leaking. I don't find that affects performance though so I don't worry about it. The biggest problem I've had with raves is that when I installed one the gasket put one of the stems in a bind so "now" I make sure they are "very free" before I button it all up.

The problem you are seeing, I wouldn't give it a second thought. Good Luck !!
I’m 95% sure I put the spring on the bottom of the bellow. I think the piston might be slightly melted. So I might just end up ordering a good used assembly from westside.
My experience has been the valve shaft wore and became a bit loose in the hole. I just assumed it was from the carbon buildup that created the friction that wore the stem. So I used to clean them a couple times per season just to be sure. I would have assumed there would have been a wear limit spec, but the shop manual says nothing.

If you do buy a used assemble make sure you get the newer version of the pistons and they match what is on the other side. I had two different versions on mine when I bought it.

But as etemplet said, I would not worry about it either. Mine also leaked liked yours and it did not effect performance at all.

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