96 seadoo xp carb issue - Revs increase gradually by its self.

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Hi, I have a '96 xp Seadoo. The last couple of times I started it the revs increased automatically and I had to turn it off. I have checked the cables which are fine, but I didnt want to start messing around with the carb until I knew what to look for. Its the Mikuni BN 40I Twin Carb. Im not sure what other info would help, let me know if

Any suggestions or questions please let me know.
do a search on "lean runaway". it is discussed in lots of threads. could be an air leak at the carb base
also, as you will read in the threads you find - it may runaway oin the trailer but not in the water due to the load on the pump. Also, if it runs away and you can't shut it off with the switch, don't panic, just pull the choke and that will kill it.
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