96 GTX what is this?

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On my left rave valve cover there is a valve of some kind. Looking at other people's pictures of their engines I do not see that valve sticking out. Does anyone e know what it is for? Did the previous owner put different model cover from ebay or something? Thanks.
I'm not to familiar with what it would do if it wasn't working as this is my first jetski. But it feels good in the water. It goes about 50mph. What should I be looking for if it was not acting right?
So if you in fact have a 1996 seadoo GTX with carburetors then your engine has the wrong RAVE housings and should not have the port with the vacuum hose on it.

IF your engine is Fuel Injected and is 1998 or newer then the housings with the vacuum hose and port are correct.

You really need to verify what engine you have.

Judging by the white cylinder head and exhaust manifold I think it is a arbed 787 and you have the wrong RAVE housings.

FYI your 1996 GTX should be doing 52-53mph.
Yes it is for sure a dual carbed 96 GTX. I appreciate the feedback and will get the correct ones on order. Thanks again!
I would get new gaskets, o-rings and check the diaphragm before you place an order.
Yes it is for sure a dual carbed 96 GTX. I appreciate the feedback and will get the correct ones on order. Thanks again!

I kinda curious about this situation you have. I wonder that you might just be fine with those valve housings on there. I'm not sure why they went with the rave solenoid but to me it's a performance enhancement designed for the 5K RPM transition. I think those valve housing are the same save the air fitting connection and internal port. If you plugged it off that might be OK. Just thinking here. Might save you some coin but.... putting the correct part on there is never wrong. :) If you change part please post performance information. YMMV Good luck.
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With those RFI housings you would have to have the vacuum source, the solenoid and some way to trigger it.

The carbed MPEM has no way of activating the solenoid and there is not a good vacuum source either.
I’m not sure the RFI housings have the hole in them that lets the exhaust pressure activate the bellows like the carbed ones do. Without that hole they will not open.
I am unable to get the mag housing off the valve. I have completely disassembled the rave down to the housing. I feel like its bigger than the pto housing. Is this one of those trick games if so I'm screwed because I'm not good at them. It wont clear about 1/4" either way very frustrating and I dont want to force it off.

Maybe the rave valve is also different size??
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Can you pull the entire valve and housing off?

That’s the hardest one but typically you can remove the housing then the valve.

Maybe your not standing on one foot and biting your tongue correctly.
It looks so close to clearing. Have you tried rotating it 180 degrees?

It actually looks like there’s a grove you might be able to get the threaded stem into to get a little more angle and wiggle room.
You don’t want to damage the valve.

Your only option might be to pull the exhaust manifold.

Unfortunately I have never removed RFI RAVE housings from a carbed 787.
I've got all the bolts I could find off the exhaust manifold but it wont budge unless I'm missing a bolt somewhere I cant see because the carbs are still attached
Anyone got a picture of the underside of the exhaust manifold behind the carbs? I feel there is a hidden bolt down there. I hit on the exhaust manifold abit and it didnt budge
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