96 GTI with 720 - possible to do top end without removing engine?

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New to me 96 Seadoo GTI has the 720, compression is 120 in one cylinder and 70 in the other. Is it possible to replace the top end without removing the engine? If not how hard is it to remove the engine?


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I just did the top end in my 96 gti. I pulled the engine but you can do it in the hull. However if you do pull the engine you will need an alignment tool so figure extra 250.00 or so for that. If all you want to do is the top end I would do it without pulling the engine.
I don't know if there is any Seadoo 2-stroke where you have to pull the engine to do a top end. I've done them on skis from 1995 - 2005 two strokes 587-951DI engines. I'm not guru but I've done a few and I hate pulling the engines. LOL Sometimes... I stare at those 3 motor mount bolts and am very tempted to remove them and pull the engine. It would be easier sometimes for sure. LOL But I look at it as saving time from pulling the pump and realignment. Even so... pulling the engine and making sure the aligment is correct ain't a bad idea. LOL Good Luck !!

The engine you have is easy peasy. :)
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