95 XP VTS goes down not up

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Dean Tengel

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The trim on my 1995 SeaDoo XP will down but not up. I tested the motor and it will operate in both directions when I remove it from the housing and reverse the electrical leads. The worm moves freely in both directions when the motor is removed. I can hear the switch make contact both on the handlebars and at the motor but it does not actuate. Any suggestions??


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vts module switch failure

UPDATE: Suspect VTS motor worm drive fails.
My motor worked both directions also, but only in mid area. At either end
whether the bar extended or retracted would bind and lock. I looked on Craigslist
and saw auto parts. Called a guy he said $20 for a 1990 300ZX Passenger Side window motor. I just
got home and its a perfect match and like brand new. Will post again soon. Bills86e
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