947 RAVE solenoid and/or checkvalve issue?

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Hi folks,

I’m new to this forum, but not new to Sea Doo’s. I have a RAVE related problem with that I’d like to bounce off of you folks. I did search the forum first, but didn’t find anything that exactly fit my problem.

I bought my ’99 XP Limited (947 engine), as well as a ’99 SPX, new. They were my second pair of 787/947 ‘Doos that I have owned, so I have obviously done my share of RAVE cleanings in the past. This time, my XP is again demonstrating classic symptoms of the RAVE’s not opening. It takes off like a bandit at full redline for just a second, and then it falters to 3-4K RPM.

Obviously, the first thing I did was take the RAVE’s apart and clean them. They actually weren’t that bad this time, but they are squeaky clean now. They move freely when I push/pull on them. But this problem still persists.

This makes me question the solenoid valve (part number 270 600 005) and/or the check valve (part number 275 500 424) that is in the circuit of the lines that go to the base of the RAVE’s. I searched the shop manual, but it does not address troubleshooting of these pieces, at least that I could find. Looking around the forum, I didn’t find any comments about these pieces going bad and what symptoms that might cause.

I haven’t asked my local dealer about this yet, and perhaps there is a quick answer waiting there. I just thought that I would try here first.

I don’t want to just go blindly replacing parts without knowing the most likely cause of this problem. I figure it could be either of these two pieces (check valve or solenoid), or perhaps a faulty electrical signal getting to the solenoid, which opens a whole other can of worms. Or perhaps I am barking entirely up the wrong tree?

Does anybody have any suggestions where to start looking first? Responses are much appreciated. Thank you!

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