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Don't know who all may care or not but I made a replacement part out of 3D printed ABS.

My woes began when i went to install my pump nozzle and one bolt just spun.... Wouldn't catch on anything. That's when i realized there were caged nuts on the pump housing, part 15
caged nut.png

When i reached back i found nothing in one spot, in another i found this:

That nut is supposed to be held in the plastic... Obviously i had a problem, ordered replacements from the dealer but I'm impatient.

I have a 3D printer and this is a pretty easy piece so i figured why not. Printed in black ABS with %100 infill
20200616_181751 (2).jpg

This was the output:

And it fit like a glove

Will eventually replace with proper parts but thought some may find this interesting.
Interesting. Where did you get the data?

I just had to replace all of my square nuts on the nozzle this y year too. That
What data are you referring to?

In regards to the part dimensions i took a (mostly) good one and measured its dimensions, measured the nut dimensions and then created a model in a CAD application. This was relatively easy compared to other things I've had to model lol.

Just a 18mmx18mmx11mm cube with a circumscribed polygon extruded through most of it
caged nut render.png
Cool, thanks for sharing. I had to replace the nuts too though. They were what was stripped.
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