2017 Seadoo GTI SE 90 wear ring install issues

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Hey All,

So Long story short, I have a 2017 GTI SE 90 that sucked up a rock and I'm working on replacing the wear ring and impeller. I've been through a few different wear rings already, started with two "Heavy Duty" wear rings, couldn't get them to fit, so then went and got an OEM wear ring as I read that the non-OEM's can be a pain. Well, having the same issue with the OEM wear ring, but I can say it feels like it is "ALMOST THERE" to fit in. I've seen videos where guys are freezing the rings and getting it to pop in without any real force. I've frozen my wear ring, and tried both the hammer method and a hydraulic press and I can;t get the damn thing to seat. Any suggestions? I'm currenlty warming up the housing and freezing the wear ring again to make sure I've got everything done to the best possible chance.

I've seen several videos on doing this and it seems straight forward, but I'm having a hell of a time with it. Any advice/Tricks would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I'm not hitting the ring hard enough? When I use the press, it keeps trying to pop out on one side....
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Just absolutely make sure you have the right wear ring for your ski. Sounds like your doing everything else right.
appreciate the reply Skiasylum....I've checked multiple sites, and done all the different searches and I have the right wear ring part number that all of them say....P/N 267000897...+however I was thinking the same thing, maybe seadoo has the wrong part number listed and I'm getting the wrong wear ring? but all of the sites say that it fits the model as well as the part number. What are the odds that I have a jet pump that is wrong? I would doubt that but at this point, I'm kind of all out of ideas....looked at some more videos and none of them are having the difficulty I am....

Are you sure you have the​

900HO ACE motor? If not its a different ring.​

100%, but I just got the damn thing in. It took me hitting the housing with a heat gun on high for about 5 minutes, pulling the wear ring straight from the freezer and even then getting it just right and it finally bit.

Sincerely appreciate the feedback asylum.
U should NOT NEED a heat gun to install a wear-ring,,,as the saying goes,,,”if something seems wrong,,,then there is something wrong”,,and it WILL come back to haunt you!