2012 RXT 260 exhaust over heating

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I have a 2012 RXT 260 and took it though some shallow muddy water and now the exhaust is over heating. It does not over heat on the garden hose but quickly overheats when in the water.
It looks like the water inlet goes to the IBR box into what looks like a water pump housing and then splits and goes to the inter cooler and exhaust manifold.
Does anyone have knowledge on ware a common spot is for blockage or is it possible the water pump is bad. does anyone have the water circuit diagram for reference.
Thank you for your help!
Just had a similar thing happen on my 06 RXP. So far I have taken the j pipe off and checked the 3 little holes in it. Today I took the jet pump off and checked the inlet screen there. So far haven’t found anything at all. Hopefully next time I put it in the water it’ll be fine.
It’s worth while checking the three holes I mentioned
If it overheats the plastic muffler , you will end up filling the ski with water without you knowing it :(
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