2012 Challenger 180SE 215 Impeller Options, Need help


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Last year I decided to change my impeller from stock to Solas on my 2012 Challenger 180SP 215. All the information I saw at the time listed the SRX-CD- 14/19 which is what I installed and ran for about 5 hours. This year I'm replacing the jet pump housing due to corrosion and when I ordered the housing from OSD Marine it was brought to my attention that my boat uses a 161mm impeller and the impeller i installed last year is a 159mm. I did find posts about how the correct Solas impeller for my boat is P/N SRZ-CD- 14/19 due to how it sits on the jet pump shaft. ( I did recently pull the SRX to compare to my stock and it is different. The Solas impeller sits about 1/4 inch fwd in the jet pump compared to stock.) Not sure what issues that would cause.
My question is, can you get an aftermarket impeller for my boat that is 161mm? If not what are the affects of running the smaller diameter impeller. I would guess you would want the 161mm to get more water flow to push your boat out of the hole.