2011 GTX LTD is 260 coolant leak

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Hello I have a new to me ski with 21 hours on gauge. Two days ago took it out for the second time and 5 min in got an overheat warning and limped it back in. Took it home and no coolant in the reservoir. Filled it up (took well over half the gallon). Went and ran it again for 30-45 minutes came back home and topped it off with another quart or so thinking all was well. Checked it today and found no coolant in reservoir and saw coolant in the bottom of the hull. tilted it back and out came coolant. There is no coolant residue on the tank or hose coming from it. I am not wanting to take the whole top off to get to the engine but am thinking I may have to. I am hoping it is an easy fix as in a hose clamp or a broken hose. The engine looks pretty spotless. Any way to check without taking whole engine compartment off? any help or thoughts are welcome!


Bad head gasket can cause that, but with only 21 hours, I don't think it's likely. Check all related hose clamps.
You will need to remove the top deck off to check the engine
You can connect required electrical parts once deck is off to run engine
Check all hoses and clamps first before running engine you could use tap water to find the leak then drain from ride plate/radiator and fill with coolant
Check the color of oil to confirm not coffee color or overfull which would indicate internal leak
Once it’s off I remove handle bar assembly and Lcd and connect it back to lower hull so you can run the engine
The only sensor not connected is steering assist sensor
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