2008 RXT-X 255 front hatch gas shock

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2008 RXT-X 255 front hatch gas shock

My gas shock for my front storage compartment came loose.

What is the best way to compress the shock to reattach it ?

I have been researching this and found two ways.

Method 1
First, connect the shock to the bottom support bracket. Next, the cover is held by a black, pivoting bracket that attaches to the body in two places. Remove the two aft bolts that are nearest the shock rod when the cover is lowered. These bolts should have small caps on them. Once removed, raise the cover until the top shock locking device lines up with ball attachment on the top linkage bracket. Attach shock to top linkage bracket. Then, carefully lower the cover, compressing the shock, until removed bolts of pivoting bracket line up with their associated holes. Attach bolts, replace caps, lower cover, done.

Method 2
Use a ratchet strap to compress the gas shock and reinstall it.

Any other suggestions appreciated !


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