2008 230 Wake revs out.

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Just got the boat this season and on my 3rd trip out last weekend pulled the boat out everything seemed good till I gave it throttle and at about 3,000 rpm the boat just revs out and I am not getting any power. Both throttle cables are hooked up but on one there is a 2nd cable that was not hooked to anything. The engines sound find I am just not getting any power. it's worked fine the first 2 trips it has to be some stupid. Any ideas?
What are your max RPMs?

What have you checked so far?

How are the pumps, wear rings, etc?

Has the supercharger ever been rebuilt?

When was the last engine service?
That sounds like something stuck in the impellers to me. I have found a small twig, or a peice of plastic bottle cap, that I ran over at low speed. It gets lodged at the edge of impeller, and causes the symptom you described.
I have an extra long pair of needle nose, or coat hanger with bent tip for just such occasions.
Good luck!
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