2006 Sportster won’t start until it cools down

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Hi everyone

I have 2006 SeaDoo Sportster 155 boat 4-tec
In general it runs perfectly but I started having a problem last week.
I was pulling a tub for about 1h and I shut it down. I tried to start it again but it wouldn’t start. I mean, it starts for only half a second and dies. I tried many times but it was always the same. I let it cools down for about 15-20 minutes then I tried to start it again.
It started and worked perfectly. Full blast. No problem.
Yesterday, we went to the lake again. I use it under normal pressure for about 1h with no problem. Then we hooked up the tube and started puling it hard for about 1h. The same thing happened again. I couldn’t start it. Starts only for half a second and dies. We let it cool down for a half hour and started with no problem.
Then, in the evening when we were going back to the ramp after probably 30 min of running, it just died, while running.
Same thing. It was starting only for a half of second and dies.
I was trying to start it every couple of minutes. After about 10 minutes it started but I it was running only for another 5 minutes and died again.
Few things I noticed.
It seems that it only happens if I use it a bit harder for a longer time. It didn’t happen when I was just cruising under lower RPM. Or maybe I didn’t cruise long enough.
And when it happens, the more time I leave it off to cool down, it will run longer after that.
Non of the warning lights are on.
Let me know please, if any of you experienced a similar problem in the past. I’m not even sure where to start.
If I bring it to a mechanic they could start playing with it and changing fuel pump and many other things and who knows if that will fix the problem. It’s even hard to know if the problem is fixed. I will need at least half a day on the water to find that out.

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