2005 GTi Does not "turn on"

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I have a (new to me) 2005 GTI. I bought at the end of the season last year. Ran great and I winterized and put away for the winter. Pulled the cover off and charged the battery and when I put the DESS key in place I get nothing. I checked all five fuses and all good, main fuse (in back above engine) and the four in the ECU/VCM panel in front of the engine. This is a basic Type 717 engine with only a fuel gauge.

I have no idea where to start with this. I have the shop manual but there is no trouble shooting for no power. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
So in trying to t-shoot things. I went to ohm out the start switch and unpluged the red and blue wire connectors under the handle bars on top of the tank and the sounder beeped twice ( I had the key in place) very strange. I then started it up (connectors back in place) and tried wiggling the wire harness and everything seems to be fine. Now I am afraid to take this out, but I guess I have too at sometime ...

One thing I need clarification on is, without the key in place there are no beeps from the pressing the start switch. Only two chirps when the key is put in place. And again it starts right up, so I am confused why this seems to be so different from what I have read on here?
Yes, my 2003 GTI does the same thing. Without the lanyard no matter how many times you push the start button nothing happens unlike the older models that will "wake up" just by pushing the start button.
Thanks, Strange. Every post I read on this year says push start and nothing happens replace the ...

Thanks, I am glad I am not going crazy.
I am still having issues with the DESS key system, I have read so many post's here on this issue and it all seems to lead to the same thing. This system should be replaced or abandoned some how safely.

I can get it to work by re-inserting the key many times and at some point it will work. But I am afraid to leave the dock and getting stuck and having to paddle back.

Is there any way to replace or disable the DESS on a 2005 GTI?
I guess I should ask if it is worth buying a CanDoo programmer or just take it to the dealer for a new key and programming?
This issue was corrected by replacing the DESS post, even though it tested good from the manual procedure.
How would I test the DESS post? While on our maiden voyage tonight, the boat went dead. All accessories work, but no beeps, nothing on the dash at all occurs when the DESS is in place. I've read I can try another DESS, and I'll try the one from the skidoo tomorrow. But how would I test the post?
There is a procedure in the service manual with wire colors to point to point test for conductivity. While mine tested good from that procedure it was still bad. The magnet switch was bad in mine and that can't be tested easily, if at all. And you can not use another dess key unless it has been programmed.
I've read somewhere that I can try another DESS key. Maybe off a skidoo for example. That'll get the dash to light up, beep to tell me that it's the wrong key. Any idea if this is true?
Yup, had similar symptoms,,,checked out perfect according to the manual,,,,replaced with new one and problem solved
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