2004 Seadoo Islandia 2 issues looking for advice.


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Hello I've got a 2004 Islandia.

I don't know much about the boat (sorry I took it over from someone) It's got a Merc 240 in it.

Boat starts without issue

when going slow I notice a lot of smoke tends to come out of the motor, the RPM & the SpeedO is not working therefore I can't tell at what speed this problem occurs.

When I get the speed up and the boat plains the boat move and runs as normal with minimal smoke (smoke is mostly greyish)

Sometimes I can a constant alarm beep, which I don't know what it represents.

The other day we were sitting idle swimming with the music playing and the boat just starts beeping, to a point where I cut the entire power to get it to stop.

ALSO if ANYONE has a diagram of what each switch represents this would be handy as all the images have faded on each dashboard switch and the manual does not show this.

I'm mostly concerned with the smoke at low speed, I can take a video next time for further clarification. I would also like to figure out the beep.

Thank You.
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The Merc 240efi is a 2-stroke, and as such does burn oil along with gas. Smoke is usually most noticeable on cold starts at idle, and should clear up as the engine warms up and at higher speeds. If your engine is running on premix fuel/oil (auto oil pump removed)... then you will likely see smoke at idle and slower speeds.

I'm thinking your '04 has the 2nd-gen 240efi (w/alternator)... which has an electric oil pump. My 1st-gen 240efi has a mechanical oil pump... but the 2nd-gen electric oil pump, I believe is computer controlled. There could be an issue with ECU not seeing RPMs? Thus you are not seeing RPMs on gauge... and the ECU could be defaulting to max oil even at idle (would be too much oil and extra smokey)??

On my older '00 boat... there are 3 alarm conditions: overheat, low oil, low fuel. I'm not sure about the '04 (newer ECU and electronics) alarm conditions. Could there be a low-voltage alarm? (battery getting low while not running and playing music?)
Thanks for the advice!,

I'm assuming too much oil at low speeds isn't a good thing but it wont' damage the engine, next time I'm on the boat I will make a short video to show the problem, at low speeds I also notice it not constant sometime i feel a power loss for a split second then power is comes back.

I'm wondering if the beeping was the low battery. it could be unfortunately I have no power source nearby to charge the boat. I'll give it a good run next week hopefully enough to get some charge into the battery (battery is new) and see if this is resolved.