2004 GTX 4-Tec Fuel Pump

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Thomas Mashig

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Have 2 2004 GTX 4-Tec Sea Doos and one won't start at times. Its the fuel pump. When I try to start when I first put in lanyard the Fuel pump for one second starts and pressurizes the fuel rail on the working one. On the one that doesn't work the rail doesn't. Most of the time it does work and will work for weeks at a time and then it stops working. I know it the pump because its not vibrating when I first put in key. I can feel it with my hand. If the pump pre pressurizes the fuel rail I know everytime it will start. I'm just checking with all to see if maybe its a safety sensor that is telling fuel pump to not come on or is it just a simple system that requires power ground and presure data from the rail.
I do have One Code when I press the set button 5 times in a row. P-1514 I think that is a outside temperature reading.
Also if I want to buy diagnostic tool for myself is there any one you recommend that I can do testing and clear codes and maybe activate menus on the display
Friends of mines has one, yes you can marry the gauge cluster (Not Program the Cluster) must be used or if new must be program by dealer first than marry to ski, my ski went into french mode and started displaying compass was out of range (No Compass on RXT) all from weak battery, New battery and connected with Candoo Pro problem solve, to check on your year of Doo, I would go to there website.
I Have 2 2004 GTX 4-Tec Sea Doos and it nice to have 2 because I can always have 1 for test parts. One of mine when hitting display button for settings, it does not have engine temp, the other one does have engine temp.
With CanDoo Pro you can do a lot of stuff on your ski, its a great diagnostic tool, you can trigger injectors, spark, marry clusters and turn on/off items.
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