2004 951DILE fuel pump question

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Ok, here is my question. 2004 Sporster 951DILE is the fuel pump pressure suppose to drop when the idle is brought down below 2000RPM. It runs GREAT over 2k RPM but anything under 2K it will stall and Die. The fuel system has a PSI gauge on it that shows the PSI and it runs around 107-109PSI above 2k RPM. anything under that it drops to 67ish...psi then cuts out for no recovery it after the gauge starts to drop off. my main question is should the gauge stay at the 107-109psi mark regardless of what the RPM's are? Is there a return valve or something that could be failing? when the engine is not using all the fuel on low idle?? thanks so much, Clinton
I have a 2005 Sportster LE

This past weekend took it out, backing out and slow/idle at ramp no issues. Spent 2hrs on the lake no issues. About to come in going down the channel/canal starts to stall when I go slow/idle. I finally got it loaded.

Did you find anything on this issue, sounds like both of us have the same issues.
Yes, I did figure it out. I had a leak in the hose coming from the Air compressor that's near the drive shaft for the jet. there is an airline that runs from the air pump to the Fuel rail it is hooked up on the backside of the fuel rail. the split was now allowing the 80psi needed at low idle to push the fuel through at low idle. as soon as fixed the leak. Boom beautiful idle again. chack all your airlines and see if you have a leak.

take the sparkplug wires off and try turning the engine over. you will actually hear a leak.
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