2003 Seadoo GTX-DI Dess post issue?


I am getting the dreaded long beep every time I plug in the DESS key. I have wrote and read the new key to the MPEM via the Candoo Pro. So I can I safely assume that possibly the DESS post is the culprit? I've ohm tested(static test) it earlier and it seemed to have checked out. Also, does anyone know if DESS posts are commonly problematic? I would also assume I have an issue with my rectifier since the Candoo Pro shows that the voltage is fluctuating between 6.7 volts up to 12.6 volts up and down, and I tested the battery and it is good at 12.7 volts and holds a consistent voltage under load. I was also wondering if anyone knows of a way to tell if an MPEM is bad via the Candoo Pro? Thank you in advance with any info the community can provide me. This ski is a basket case, lol.