2003 rxdi wont start - not happy

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hey guys.....i went to start the ski last night as i am planning to take it out in a couple of weeks.
when i put the dess in the tachos all work, i hear the two beeps, some sort of pump or motor and then as i try to start the engine it sounds like a bearing noise only....not even engine turning over.

potential problems i may have caused:

i have a third of a tank of fuel in the ski still from 4-5 months ago.
oil also for fuel mix.....not much tho.

i did put a trickle charger on the ski 2 weeks ago as the battery was dead.

new spark plugs but not sure of condition of leads

anyone have any ideas where i should start.....i am capable of using a multimeter so if there is someway of testing spark plug leads please advise.

otherwise the only other thing i could think if was fuel pump which i havent checked.

i have tested all fuses in front part of ski (FP, ACC, BAT....etc)

any help on this issue would be really appreciated......

thanks in advance
i have a video here if this helps
it doesnt sound like an easy fix

sorry i filmed it upside down......just turn ur screen around :)

sorry about the file size


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yeah....sounds sorta right. Is there any way to fix this then or is this the start of a big money pit
I'm not sure exactly how the starter engages the flywheel but I would check to be sure the starter is not loose and then go from there. You could have some missing teeth on the flywheel or something stripped on the starter shaft. You can check the flywheel by turning the engine over by hand and then see if the starter turns the engine over.
sorry for my ignorance....would u be able to either explain how to turn over by hand or point me to a previous thread....orf otherwise i have serviced manual....would it be in there?
Did some digging and sounds like your bendix is stuck causing it to not pop out and engage the flywheel. Should be able to remove the starter and spray some lube on it and get things in working order. WD40 and a light coat of oil for the future should work.
sweet man...so if i search forum tomoro on how to service/access bendix i should find it somewhere on here
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