2002 sea doo RX DI

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I have a Sea-Doo RX DI 2002.
New top end and it is running only at 5,600 rpms and has 70lbs of pressure on both cylinders. Does anyone know what normal riding rpms are in water? Any ideas why I have so low pressure in the cylindar? Help want to get this running full specs again.
If it is starting in the water I doubt you have 70psi compression. Get a good gauge and retest. I'm not sure what the DI's run on top RPM. You're about 1000RPMs low though. Speed wise GPS is around 58mph. Your probably running about 40mph. Problem could be any number of things. What do the plugs look like? How does it accelerate? Is it missing or sputtering?
70lbs pressure? Do you mean compression? If so, then that is your problem.
compression should be 140psi in each cylinder.
6800/6900rpms is pretty much normal.
Bad top end maybe? Did you measure the pistons and the bore? Did you measure the ring gap.
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