2001 RFI Low Power

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Here's what happening:
1) Put it in the water, new plugs, ran great at high speeds from the ramp to the house, about a 10 minute ride.
2) While putt'n around the boat dock for a short time it started cutting out and having low power, would no longer run good a high speeds.
3) Replaced plugs again, ran great for another 10 minutes then just stopped, had to be towed to the dock.
4) Replaced plugs again. This time it does not want to start in the water, tries to start but just for a second.
5) Took out of the water, will start on the trailer but seems to still have low power.
6) I did verify while it ran good the voltage was 13.5 across the battery, stayed the same voltage when it started losing power.
7) I did verify that the fuel pump has 55 PSI as required.

1) How can one verify the volume is correct out of the fuel pump.
2) Does this model have a Rave valve that could cause this issue?
3) Could the fuel filters be restricting the volume of gas?

Thanks everyone....
Not open for further replies.