2001 gts won't start

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My son was driving the gts and it just quit running and it wouldn't restart. It tries to turn over but doesn't seem to have enough power. It will turn over without spark plugs, put quit as soon as you put one plug in. I changed the battery, and no help. The solenoid is fine. Im assuming its the starter, but why would it just stall on the water? Any help would be appreciated.
If you can’t get it to start at all look over the starter and wiring. If it’ll start but won’t keep power check your stator
How difficult is the shaft to turn with the spark plugs out. I should spin easily. If it doesn't spin easily... you need to find out why. The ski could simply have a damaged Wear Ring. Take a look at the simple stuff first. Put jumper cables on the starter to bypass the starting system. Post up your progress. Good Luck !
I dumped a little mixed gas in the spark plug holes and got it to roll over with the spark plugs in. Im thinking that it may have been slightly seized because the compression is below 100 psi now.
What kind of gauge are you using those cheap gauges suck....100 compression that thing wont start
I'm going to get another gauge it seems to run fine, but the compression is testing low. I haven't had it on the water, but it does start and stay running.
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