2001 GTI Spark Plug Smoking

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When I go to start my ski, the spark plug closer to the battery begins to smoke, almost as if it was loose. So I tightened it and still smoke comes out. I had just replaced the spark plugs and removed the cylinder cover (I could see the pistons, not sure exactly what the cover is called), don’t know why I did but I did!

Is it a loose gasket from removing the cover? Kind of strange it is only out of one plug.

My other theory; I took out the oil tank to fill the seams so it no longer leaked oil and when getting it out I ended up dumping some oil into the lower half of the engine when the carb was off. I tried to clean most of it out but do not think it was completely out.

Maybe I need to run the ski and just burn off all the extra oil that I unfortunately added to the bottom half. But doing this I am concerned that it may not be the oil on the bottom and that’ll I’ll ruin the motor.

Thanks for the help!
Solved! I failed to put back the spark plug O-ring that goes under the cover. I put it in the water, started it and water poured out of the spark plug opening (with the spark plug in). That was when I realized I saw a random O-ring earlier in the day. Went home, replaced O-ring and no more smoke from the plug.

Hope my mistake helps someone in the future!
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