1999 speedster SK 720 My first carb looks really clean. Do I need to rebuild it?

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I pulled the starboard carb today it's obviously never been apart since new but the fuel line was apparently replaced a long time ago. The PO said he put sta-bil in every gallon of fuel he ran through it. To me, it looks really clean inside. Do I actually need to rebuild it or can I just reassemble and leakdown then popoff test.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to replace the gaskets and needle and seat since I have it open and the parts on hand.

There is grey line with a red stripe to the accelerator pump. Do I need to replace it? Pump squirts fine. IMG_20200704_162912.jpgIMG_20200704_163217.jpgIMG_20200704_163014.jpgIMG_20200704_163109.jpgIMG_20200704_162349.jpgIMG_20200704_162351.jpgIMG_20200704_162035.jpg
If it were me.......I would refills them. They're 21 years old. I can see a ring on the needle, you definitely need new needle and seats. It's gonna run you about $200 to rebuild all 4 carbs. Use only genuine Mikuni parts. DO NOT CHANGE THE SPRINGS. personally, I don't change the arms either. You don't need to change that little great line.

They do look mint.
Thanks racerxxx!

Fair enough, I'll replace the seals filter and needle seat. Better safe than sorry.
I would also look into the fuel pumps. I remade them for the regular speedster not the sk. But, I think they'll still fit. The one fitting faces a different direction, you'll probably have to replace that hose. But, once your fuel system is solid you're good for another 21 years
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