1998 GTI Spark Help

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Here to beg assistance from the two-stroke gods, have a 1998 GTI Seadoo, the engine was completely seized, new crank new pistons later now it's back in the boat, I'm now at my wits end about spark issue.

Stator was clean and had no outward issues when I rebuilt the motor
attach the DESS key I get two beeps, if I hit the starter 5 times with no key I get one short one long beep then nothing, attach key still nothing
with DESS key ski will crank but no spark
battery voltage at 12.8
Checked grounds from rear box, had to add a negative coil to ground bolt wire, for kicks wired a ground from the bolt on the bottom of the coil to battery neg
no blown fuses, 5v in MPEM fine replaced it just out of why the hell not , 30v in rear electrical fine again replaced it with known good fuse
cleaned all grounds I can find, taken apart all connectors and sprayed with cleaner
clipped 1/4 from each spark plug wire put back together, by the way no spark from just the spark plug wire to block either

what can I do next ?
Ok, so the answer is..... the coil... process of elimination got a coil and I have spark. Hope this helps someone in the future.

Peace out
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