1998 GSX Limited impeller questions....

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Just pulled out the whole assembly to get to the impeller, i suspected it was bent just from the performance DECREASE i have had recently...turns out it was really bent...BAD! ill post some pics later, i know the previous owner never changed the oil in it, i checked and i was one of the lucky few who didnt get a water leak into the oil, but once all is put back in ill replace it along with some new seals (what seals do i need?!) ok so im thinking of sending the impeller to impros and getting the ROCKED2 service, is that a good idea?! also i cant figure out which impeller tool is right for this model, can anyone point me to where i can get one that will work for this specific one :D other then that what oil do you use when refilling it, and how high do you go?

thanks in advance!


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