RESTO 1997 seadoo xp. Ran on the water for one day after that nothing

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heres the jist of how it happened, bought a used seadoo xp 1997 got it home cleaned it up checked for issues found it to run and took it to the water for the day. Later same day start button quit. got it to start one more time to get it to dock.
the things that were replaced, starter (Start Stop) button, starter, battery, solenoid , and the brain. ( not necessarily in that order) but we still have the same problem. with the spark plugs out it will turn over put them back in and all we get is a click. any and all advice or knowledge would be helpful thanks.
Check and then double check your ground cable. A corroding cable will show up as exactly what you’re describing as well. To be honest, I’d just go ahead and replace that whole cable, as it’s pretty common for them to look totally fine on the outside and be completely rotten inside the insulation.
I had a 97 XP and I had that same exact problem. My issue turned out to be the battery itself, for some reason it would only click unless I had a super fresh brand new battery. The ground wire could also show that same issue, but for me it ended up being a battery with not quite enough power to crank with the spark plugs in.
The 1997+ XP’s have the longest battery cables of all the skis so they need to be perfect and a good battery or they will crank slow.
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