1997 seadoo speedster fuel guage

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Asking for help replaced float fuel gage still don't work the Guage itself is I tested it any siggestions
about the only thing you can do from this point is to get a voltmeter and ohm out the wiring.
I just dealt with fixing the speedometer on my 1996 Speedster today. Installed a new OSD float first, which didn't fix the problem. Then I did some research and found this: Fuel Baffle Sending Unit Repair ! Performed the fix, plugged the fuel baffle and BOOM it worked!!
i did the same a couple of days ago. my float was bad(full of gasoline) as well as the f(1)? fuse. my fuel readout system is now working for the first time since i have owned the boat.

i added an inline fuse to the solid pink wire on the outside of the sending unit so that when it inevitably builds up a bit of static electricity, i can easily just pop in another one and head on down the road.
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